Thursday, October 4, 2007


Much to my surprise, I did enjoy this learning journey! I must confess to moving more quickly through the last half of the 23 Things than I would have liked, so I have promised myself to go back and explore more deeply in the upcoming weeks. Available time is the biggest hindrance I have with this type of project and have done much of it at home. I am a contemplative learner and also one who isn't intuitive when it comes to all things Internet. However, when pushed, things like this help me make great personal strides which I do appreciate in the long run. I would sign on for more experiences like this again :-)
Happy Techno Trails, Everybody!



I have had a good deal of exposure to this technology as have many librarians beginning when HCPL became part of the consortium subscribing to Overdrive a couple of years ago. My personal preference is to hold and read a book, but I have used Overdrive and downloaded a handful of books. If we had to lose one of our audiobook subscription databases, I am pleased that it wasn't Overdrive. Patrons find it easy to use and, if they have difficulty, the online help through the site is top notch!


I love NPR and got carried away listening to some of the many book and author related podcasts they offer. In my Bloglines account I subscribed to the podcasts NPR: Books. It was easy to do with just a few clicks, and now I'll be more knowledgeable about the new books patrons come in the library asking for.

MMM hearts Pat McHenry You Tube

An NC friend created Mad Miss Maddie to lampoon local North Carolina politics. What a hoot! She and I were in theater productions together in high school. Watching her takes me back!

These are a few of my favorite things !

I really love Library Thing and Google Docs! They are my favorites so far! I've created a list of books I've loved or books I want to read in Library Thing and find it to be a great site for that. And I've already gushed about Google Docs in a previous post. I am glad to have discovered these "Things", so , thanks Maryland 23 Things!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Great Google Docs!

Well, ding dang and hot dog!!! This is one of my new favorites of the 23 Things! This makes sharing documents and files between systems soooooo EASY! And before you think "Wow! Amy must be more networked than I thought!" relax. To start, I just put some of the things I use both at home and at work on Google Docs instead of emailing myself an attachment or saving stuff to my zip drive to carry back and forth. And since I am working on the 23 Things at home and at work, my tracking log was the 1st Google Doc entry. I wish I had explored this first!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Play time!

It's time to go for now but, like a child, I look forward to more fun in the sandbox!